MEDIA - AO2017-10

The Abita Springs Opry is a series of music concerts held six times a year and is produced by a nonprofit organization, Abita Opry Inc. The show has the mission of preserving and presenting Louisiana "Roots" music. Our music is played primarily acoustically, in its original form.

Our main thrust is old-time Country, Bluegrass, and traditional Southern Gospel music, but we often present other forms of traditional Louisiana music such as Cajun, Zydeco, Irish, or other types that reflect the many different groups of people who are part of our diverse culture.

The Chris Talley Band
Chris has proven to be a hit as the leader of one of our house acts. We are never quite sure of what Chris will bring to the Opry stage. He has performed Bluegrass, Country and Western Swing, and has done it all to perfection. Besides being remarkably talented himself, he know a lot of very talented musicians who assist him in performing the sets.

Trustys of Davo Crossing
If you are wondering, Davo Crossing is a community in Mississippi. It’s close enough for these talented musicians to journey to Abita Springs to reappear on our stage. They perform a very smooth style of traditional music. They will be joined in their set with Robby Lavigne, who has been missed as a performer here.

Ric Robertson Band
If you love country music, you love what is known as Honky Tonk Country. You know, those crying in the beer, lost love songs that is one of the mainstays of Country music. This group comes here from New Orleans. While we associate New Orleans with Jazz and Rhythm and Blues, there is a very vibrant Country music scene in that great musical city. We are looking forward to hearing these newcomers to the Abita Opry stage.

Gentilly Stompers
Our audience has shown a fondness for traditional New Orleans Jazz. The Gentilly Stompers were a big hit at the Abita Springs Busker Festival last spring and we welcome them to our show. They perform this great music style with a lot of energy, and they are another one of the groups of young people who have contributed to the resurgence of our wonderful traditional musical heritage in New Orleans. We feel that giving opportunities to young musicians who are performing traditional music will keep those styles alive. That’s what we do.