Abita Opry



March 20, 2010

Jeff and Vida - Bluegrass and old time country.  Vida's powerful vocals and driving 1942 Gibson J-45 guitar with Jeff's rock-n-roll approach to mandolin and guitar gets crowds feet stomping, and "is about as perfect a combination as you're likely to find." Performing original songs spanning from Appalachian bluegrass to alternative country, New Orleans's well-known acoustic roots act Jeff & Vida have recently relocated to Nashville.

Steve Anderson Group - Old time country. Steve offers very strong vocals and he is a local favorite. He is backed up by some strong musicians who also have the ability to please the audience. The group specializes in old-time country and bluegrass music.

Smoky Greenwell - Straight-up blues harmonica and guitar.  Smoky Greenwell was born in Michigan on the 4th of July 1951, reared in Delaware, and schooled in Spain and Tennessee. Greenwell learned harmonica in earnest in the mid-1970's by sitting in with the venerable blues masters Furry Lewis, Piano Red and Mose Vincent. Greenwell's career as a first-call sessions player began at Sam Phillips' Sun Studios and led him to take up residence in Nashville in the '80's. Greenwell came to national attention in the band Blues Co-Op (with Allman Brothers guitarist Warren Haynes). It was in Nashville that Greenwell began a long association with Allman Brothers keyboardist, singer and producer Johnny Neel, a partnership that continues to this day.

Irish Bayou Band - In the last year, Irish Bayou Band has moved out of the practice room into the public, bringing it's traditional acoustic folk sound to venues such as The Mandeville Trailhead, The Abita Opry, and The Celtic Circuit.

They blend Traditional Irish Folk, Vocal, Celtic Music, Modern Irish Music and approaches performing in a simple, fun way.

The Irish Bayou Band will be performing on the front porch from 5:00-6:30pm Open free to the public prior to the Opry. Following the porch performance you can view Closed Curcuit TV of the Opry, provided for those of us who want to enjoy the nice weather outside. Free to the public.

April 17, 2010

The Petty Bones - one of our great house bands. Jerry, Anne, Harvey, and Bobby always have something to please the audience. Their strong musicianship and Anne's sweet vocals combined with a great sense of humor generate smile in the audience.

The Fabulous Bagasse Boys - always have fun. They advertise themselves as presenting what they refer to as, "not your daddy's bluegrass." They drive hard and will please bluegrass lovers.

Erika Lewis and Tuba Skinny - traditional dixieland jazz and roots blues. Erica can really belt them out. She has studied the greats like Bessie Smith and combines with an incredible band to present the music that blends the sounds of New Orleans jazz and blues. This is a real treat.

Sunpie Barnes and the Louisiana Sunspots - hard driving, foot stomping zydeco. Bruce "Sunpie" Barnes is no stranger to fans of Louisiana music. He is a regular at the Jazz Fest and other local music venues. He will definitely get your blood pumping.

Frank Cox - On the front porch at 5pm to 6:30

May 15, 2010

Pot Luck String Band - this group is a new addition as a house band. Most of them have performed at the Opry in other groups. They are very traditional with beautiful harmonies.

Delta Reign - a very unique brand of bluegrass. We feel that these musicians who come to the Opry from Mobile may be some of the best bluegrass musicians to have appeared on our stage. They are a return act that was very well received in the past.

Johnny Price and "Mojelly" - acoustic blues music. These are local boys who are superior musicians. Those who like good picking will love these guys.

Don Vappie and Friends - Don Vappie is very well known among Jazz musicians in the New Orleans area and around the world. We are fortunate to have a musician of his caliber. He blew the audience away when he last appeared with his Creole Serenaders, and his presentation at this show promises to touch every true music lover.

The Model Citizens - On the front porch at 5pm to 6:30


Petty Bones

Fabulous Bagasse Boys

Sunpie Barnes

Delta Reign