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Our performances are always on the third Saturdays in the Fall and Spring in the months of September, October, November, March, April, and May. The show is from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM.

March 19, 2011

The Steve Anderson Group: If you like the kind of music performed by country music giants like Hank Williams and Jimmie Rodgers, you will love to hear Steve Anderson. He is a local Abita Native who has a captivating voice and is an Opry favorite. Other vocals and instrumentalists include Jan Biggs, Bobby Belloni, Anne Hibbs on fiddle and Philip Bartles on Bass. They are one of our regular house bands that set the tone for the show.

The Spirit Family Reunion:
These guys are coming all the way from Brooklyn New York to perform at the Opry. It is hard to believe a group from Brooklyn playing traditional Southern music, but these young people do just that and they do it very well. They will perform the traditional form of bluegrass often referred to as "jug band" music.

The Crescent City Celtic Band
: We have wanted to have this group at the Opry for some time, and, since the show is just two days following St. Patrick’s Day, it will be a perfect fit. Louisiana has a strong Irish background, and the St. Pat’s celebration in New Orleans is a big deal. This very talented group of young people will make it hard to keep the audience members feet still and their hands from clapping as they get into some of their high-spirited Irish jigs.

Erika Lewis and Tuba Skinny: We wanted a strong show for our 50th performance of the Opry and this group will finish it in style. This group of young, but very accomplished musicians drove the audience to their feet twice at their last appearance at the Opry. Erika’s powerful vocals will grab you. She sings in the style of great singers like Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey. Her powerful voice is complimented by a strong combination of brass and strings played in a Dixieland jazz style. You won’t want to miss this show.

April 16, 2011

The Petty Bones: Our April House band has become a staple of the Abita Springs Opry. The group, led by Jerry and Anne Crowell, provides an eclectic mix of traditional music styles. Anne has a very sweet voice that compliments any song she performs. Jerry also provides vocals and loves to play the tenor banjo. The group is rounded out by the always entertaining Harvey Jones on mandolin and Bobby Belloni on bass.

Hazel and the Delta Ramblers: Anyone who is familiar with bluegrass music in the New Orleans area knows about Hazel Schleuter. She has played and promoted bluegrass in this area for many years. Fans of bluegrass have been listening to her radio show on WWOZ every Sunday morning for a long time. She has performed on our stage in the past and has featured some of our musicians on her radio show. We are glad that she in comming to perform for us.

Tony Green: Tony is one of the most gifted guitarists you will hear anywhere. He performs a style of music referred to as "Gypsy Jazz." This style made famous by musicians like Django Rinehart requires some expert guitar picking to do it justice, and Tony has mastered that musical form. He will be backed up by some friends from Italy. Tony is always a big hit at the Opry, and he will also be here to sign the Opry posters he designed and will be unveiled at this show.

Jonno and the Bayou DeVille Cajun Band: When you hear some of the best Cajun music in Louisiana, you are hearing the best in the world. Jonno is one of the best there is and promises to present the unique Louisiana-bred sound of the combination of accordion and fiddle accompanying French vocals. Cajun music is one of the forms that define Louisiana roots music and that is what we present at the Opry.

May 21, 2011

Pot Luck String Band: Our third house band offers a very traditional mix of bluegrass and old-style country music. The group’s leader, Van Glynn is a very talented multi-instrumentalist who is also knowledgeable about the origin of the songs and the musicians who originally performed them. The group is rounded out by vocalist-guitarists Steve Buckholtz and Mike Myhal. Barbara Ayme on banjo and vocals and David Talmadge on bass and vocals complete the group.

Babineaux Sisters Cajun Band: It is gratifying to see very young people performing traditional music. In this case, not only the style of music, but the use of the Cajun language is being preserved by youngsters. Since our mission is Louisiana cultural preservation, we need to have groups like this at the Opry. We are looking forward to this group of young musicians and their mentors.

By and By String Band: Kiyoko McCrae was well-received when she performed traditional music at her previous performance at the Opry. She and her group specialize in the music that was first recorded by the famous Carter Family. This is important to roots music preservation because A.P. Carter collected obscure Appalachian folk music and was one of the very first groups of musicians to perform what would evolve into country music on the radio. Their effort defines roots music and we are pleased to have them at the Opry.

Corey Walters and her traditional New Orleans Brass Band: We are excited about this group that will finish up the Opry spring season and put an exclamation point on it. Brass band music has always been an integral part of the New Orleans music scene, and is an incubator for New Orleans’ most significant contribution to the world of music, jazz. Many of the jazz greats like Buddy Bolden, considered the father of jazz, and the incomparable Louis Armstrong played music on the streets in funeral and second-line brass bands. We have wanted this at the Opry for some time, and it will be a fitting conclusion for the season.


The Petty BonesPetty Bones

Spirit Family Reunion
Spirit Family Reunion

Crescent City Celtic Band
Crescent City Celtic Band

Erika Lewis and Tuba Skinny
Erika Lewis & Tuba Skinny

Tony Green
Tony Green