Current season ticket holders will have first right to purchase their same seats for the next season.

The spring season ticket holders will have until July 1st to mail your payment in and reserve your seats for the fall season.

The fall season ticket holders will have until January 7th to mail your payment in and reserve your seats for the spring season.

Fee: $54.00 donation/person (per season)


Season tickets will become available to the general public from July 2nd thru July 31st for the fall season and from January 10th thru January 31st for the spring season

Fee: $54.00 donation (per season)


All Spring reserved seating tickets will be available February 1st.

Fee: $18.00 donation

All Fall reserved seating tickets will be available August 1st.

Fee: $18.00 donation

The fall shows are 3rd Sat of Sept/Oct/Nov

The spring shows are 3rd Sat of Mar/Apr/May

For more info call 985-892-0711 ext 303 Kathy

Mail check donations payable to:

Abita Opry, Inc.
PO Box 461
Abita springs, LA 70420
Attn: Kathy


We have approximately 375 seats available for each show. A lot of people decide at the last minute to come, and there are always out-of-town visitors who hear about the show while they are in this area. We want to always have seats available for those people. We have had visitors from New York, Wisconsin, Vermont, Georgia, Arkansas, Nevada, Virginia, California, and other states have attended as well as visitors from foreign countries including France, Germany, Canada, Holland, and Hong Kong just to name a few. We would hate to turn them away because we sold all the seats in advance.

If you want advance tickets, they are available at the Abita Springs Town Hall during business hours 9-5 Monday-Friday. If you are out-of-town, they will make arrangements to have you send a check and mail you the tickets. (Please do this far enough in advance to expedite the process, and call beforehand to make the arrangements 985-892-0711) If you don't have the tickets, the doors open at 5:45. The line for tickets purchased at the door can start forming as early as 5pm, so we recommend get in line early, just in case, so you get a good seat.

Advanced tickets available at:

Abita Springs Town Hall

(center section in front of stage):

Reserved Seating: $18 donation

Call the Abita Springs Town Hall for more info.

Doors open at 5:45 PM
Show 7:00PM - 9:00PM


Abita Springs Opry Tickets and Merchandise.

CDs on Sale Now

The Best of the Abita Springs Opry Volume I - $15 per CD

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The Best of the Abita Springs Opry Volume II - $15 per CD

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Vols. I and II CDs are available online at Smoky's Store

Abita Opry
DVDs and Other Merchandise - Available by Mail Order Only (See details Below)

Volume III - CD and DVDs (of every show - see below) are available only by mail!!

$15 per CD or DVD FREE shipping

T-Shirts are available for $20 each and Hats are available for $15 each. Buy both and you get a free Bumper Sticker.

Send check or money order payable to Abita Opry Inc. Include which DVD episode(s) (See Below) you want with payment and mail to:

The Abita Springs Opry
P.O. Box 461
Abita Springs, LA 70420

DVDs [These Shows Are Available Only by Mail]

November 2002
The Abita Strings
Jude LeBlanc
The Driskill Mountain Boys
The Evening Star String Band
Amanda Shaw

March 2003
The Abita Strings
Harold Cavallero, Ken Schwartz & Pat Flory
Broken Grass
Gary White
190 Express
Christian Serpas & Ghost Town

April 2003
The Abita Strings
Vic LaRocca and Joe Manuel
Abigail Brooks
Pot Luck Cajun Band
Joe Manuel and Keith Cole
The White Sisters

May 2003
The Abita Strings
Jeff and Vida
Les Amis
The Porch Rockers
Pat Flory
Hugh Harris

September 2003
The Abita Strings
Rosanne Bivens
Franklin and White Family Band
Earl Ruffins
High Lonesome

October 2003
The Abita Strings
The Carpenter Family
High on the Hog
Scott and Robin Kropog
Magnolia Sisters

November 2003
The Abita Strings
Harold Cavallero and Russ Russell
Pat Flory
Hazel the Delta Rambler

March 2004
The Abita Strings
Jude LeBlanc and Abigail Brooks
Red Stick Ramblers
Brothers Apart
Sunpie Barnes

April 2004
The Abita Strings
Beth Patterson
Van Glynn Band
Tony Green
Lenny McDaniel

May 2004
The Abita Strings
Jerry Hess
Harold's Corner & Peggy Forman
E L James and Johnny Pappas
Lee Quick and Gina Foresythe

September 2004
The Abita Strings
Jimmy Foster
Kim Carson
Keenan Knight
Shallow Creek

October 2004
The Abita Strings
Ben Manuel
Jeff and Vida
Harold Cavallero and Danny Paige
Don Vappie and The Creole Serenaders

November 2004
The Abita Strings
The Backroads Pickers
The Driskill Mountain Boys
Bob & June Lambert
Eh, La-Bas

March 2005
The Abita Strings
Jude LeBlanc & Friends
The Rosehill Gospel Singers
Jamie Diliberto
The Red Stick Ramblers

April 2005
The Abita Strings
Beth Patterson
The Balsa Wood Flyers
Joe Manuel and Friends
Wilson Savoy

May 2005
The Abita Strings
Those Oliviers
The Porch Rockers
Big Daddy O

September 2005
Postponed Due to Hurricane Katrina

October 2005
Abita Strings
Justin & Katie Nunez
Luke Thompson and the Green Valley Cut-Ups
Back Roads Pickers featuring Steve Anderson
Cedric Watson and the Creole Cowboys

November 2005
Abita Strings
Jerry Hess
The Petty Bones
Corey Ledet

March 2006
The Abita Strings
Evening Star String Band
Louisiana Purchase
The Zion Harmonizers

April 2006
The Abita Strings
Beth Patterson
Sam Warren
Hot Club of New Orleans
Shallow Creek

May 2006
The Abita Strings
Joe Manuel and Keith Cole
Sunpie Barnes
Gina Forsyth
The PineEars

September 2006
The Abita Strings
Jimmy Foster
L & M Bluegrass Band
Swamp Road Ramblers
Tom Fisher Jazz Trio

October 2006
The Abita Strings
Betsy McGovern
Russ Russell
Harold Cavellero and Dinosaur Dobro
Cedric Watson

November 2006
The Abita Strings
Jude, Abigail & Clay
The Porch Rockers
Back Roads
Kim Carson

March 2007
Abita Strings
Rocky Mountain Rhythm Bums
Jim Hogg and the Boys
Zion Harmonizers

April 2007
Abita Strings
Bobby LeBlanc
The Pine Leaf Boys
Amedee' Fredrick & Son
Smithfield Fair

May 2007
Abita Strings
Big Daddy O and Keenan Knight
The Petty Bones
Gal Holiday and The Honky Tonk Revue

September 2007
Abita Strings
The Hot Sauce Cajun Band
The Trusty's of Davo Crossing
Tom Fisher Dixieland Jazz Band

October 2007
Abita Strings
Those Oliviers
The Figs
The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz

November 2007
Abita Strings
Jerry Hess
Tony Green
Steve Anderson Group
Mike Pace & the Alabama Gentlemen

April 2008
The Petty Bones
The LA LAs
The Ozark Songbirds
High Ground Drifters

May 2008
The Petty Bones
Gene Lipps
The Possum Bayou String Band
Ukelele Four
Washboard Chaz

September 2008
The Steve Anderson Group
Robbie Longley
Delta Reign
Chip Wilson
Sherman Bernard & the Old Man River Band

October 2008
The Petty Bones
Kiyoko McCrea
The Tanglers
The Bayou Liberty Jazz Band

November 2008
The Petty Bones
Jockey Etienne & the Creole Zydeco Farmers
The Zion Harmonizers

March 2009
The Petty Bones
Otis Bazoon Dixieland Jazz Band
Jim Hogg and the Boys
Steve Bing and the Bayou Hot Shots

April 2009
The Steve Anderson Group
Tony Green Trio
Amedee Frederick
The Sweet Tea Bluegrass Band

May 2009
The Petty Bones
The Porch Rockers
The Savoy Family Cajun Band
Christian Serpas & Ghost Town